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A brand transformation
awakening people to
the power of sleep


Awakening organisations to the power of sleep is no snoozefest. Just ask the team at Sleepfit who have dedicated thousands of hours to helping people overcome poor sleep habits and disorders. Dreaming... ah-hem... of a brand that would lead through the next stage of growth, Sleepfit asked us to help with transforming their brand. Enter the Sandman... sorry, couldn't help it.


The challenge.

A Sydney tech startup, Sleepfit offer evidence-based digital solutions for businesses, that help employees across the globe, reap the benefits of a good nights sleep and provide measurable returns for businesses as a result. Through awareness, behaviour change and treatment, Sleepfit has made it their mission to help create change. Loss of sleep is estimated to cost Australian business $17.9 billion a year alone. That's a lot of zzzzzz.

The problem for SleepFit was their brand was more of a sleepwalker than a sleeptalker. All good if you're a fan of edge of the seat experiences like Elliott Lester's 2017 thriller, but not a company with Sleepfit's ambition. Growth required a dynamic brand that could live and evolve across platforms and products. It was time the brand did the heavy lifting to take the company to the next level. An insight recognised by Melissa Webster, the CEO, that kick-started the transformation.


“more sleepwalker than sleeptalker”


The solution.

Solving the problem started with a pyjama party... not quite. There was a kick-off workshop, there were some hysterics, and our fashion choices are always questionable. Not too far of a stretch... none the less, the party had to wait. There was work to begin and redefining brand foundations was challenge number one.

As a service, Sleepfit had multiple customer types. Selling to large corporates promising increased productivity and performance, also meant selling the benefits of sleep health and happiness to the employees entrusted to achieve these goals. Sleepfit is also a service partner to the health industry, requiring the brand to work as a product at a consumer level. No, it's wasn't a nightmare, nor was it as simple as a "we do X for Y" scenario.

Solution - "A better world one sleep at a time" we crafted from insights to act as a unique purpose and beacon for the brand transformation. Optimistic, warm and straightforward, it brought an immediate focus of the mission, celebrated new values and unified the brand architecture. Allowing the brand to dream big.


Keeping the dream alive.

Developing the brand personality through tone of voice and identity design was an organic process from here. Everything was easily measurable against the beacon and drove us to build out a brand with this at heart. Everything from the spoken word, to the colour palette and graphical elements, moves you through the sleep the cycle with rhythm and harmony. Bringing all this together into a design system and guidelines that we handed over the team at Sleepfit to keep the dream alive.


Naming the colours after feelings created by a good night’s sleep created ownership and personality for the brand. Designed to fit harmoniously into the hierarchy, they breathe new energy and provide flexibility to evolve with the product range and sub-brand growth.


Lessons learnt.

We're proud of the work and thankful for the opportunity to help a brand that is creating positive change for millions of people. Here’s the lesson we learnt.

Lesson one - Working with a fast-moving startup required a different approach. With 3 weeks to deliver a brand transformation, the usual waterfall approach wasn't going to cut it. We decided to work in weekly sprints, collaborating most days to achieve the weekly goal. We became a dream team, each leveraging respective knowledge to make an informed but immediate decision.

Lesson two - Avoiding the big reveal. Tying into the first lesson (and we should say we've been advocates of this for a long time) allowed us to fail fast and move on. All key decisions makers were on the same journey, with everyone dropping their guards for the common goal. Sharing ideas, territories, sketches, mockups, feedback without fear or judgement. Collaboratively this mitigated the risk of going too far down a garden path and wasting valuable time and decisions were made with the full benefit of the shared journey. An added plus was more of the project budget was spent on strategy and creative versus project management. A win-win.

Lesson three - Beacon. This project confirmed, no matter the stage or size of a company, nothing unites people and brand like purpose.

Lesson four - sleep is essential. Get some.