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A brand built on more than
just myth and legend.

Finding the unique purpose of a brand is a bit like the lost treasure in an adventure game. You piece together clues and overcome challenges which ultimately point you to the thing that matters most. The jewel-encrusted unicorn. Wait no, your brand’s unique purpose.

For furniture disruptor Fables.ID, their adventure began with a different name, a great idea and a heap of experience points.


The challenge.

Furniture is a tough game. Like, ultra nightmare mode on Doom tough. Traditionally it’s approached as a low-range, fast delivery model where you can pick 1 of 4 sofa styles in few colour & fabric combinations. Fundamental avatar creation. It’s all a little same-same.

Alternatively, you might find an independent furniture brand that has one style which either fits you or it doesn’t, and this had been the norm for millennia. But why did it have to be this way? Why couldn’t you have your slice of furniture cake and eat it too?

Mirvac This Changes Everything logo designs on black and white

That’s what the team at Fables.ID set out to achieve. Feeding the hunger of style-conscious consumers everywhere with variety, customisation and the ability to shape homes to the interior look, feel and an individual story that makes every one of us unique.

Doing what many startup brands do, they pumped a few $$ into the machine and kicked off at Level 1, quickly whipping together an idea and proof of concept, setting to work on evolving the idea and model over the next 18mths. Growing fast from an idea to a proven business model, they soon realised that their own brand, while finding an audience amongst the affluent, style-conscious Australian consumer, wasn’t the right platform to take them forward.


The Solution.

As a service, Fables.ID provides its customers with a completely unique furniture experience based entirely on their preferences and choices. A selection of growing, exclusive interior ranges not found anywhere else in Australia. An entire offering, built from the ground up, to make people feel good in their homes. To enable them to tell their own story through the furniture in their homes. This sentiment was at the heart of their brand and needed to be unlocked.

Working with the Fables' team, we created “Live in Style”. A unique purpose and direction the brand could take across every touchpoint that spoke to the uniqueness and individuality of its customers. Much more Memoji than Emoji.

A highlight of this was the new identity system which allowed the flexibility of the new ID to be used in many different ways to best reflect the different styles of ranges Fables.ID would offer.

Fables shop.jpg

Lessons Learnt.

Take chances.
It’s not always about big brands being better projects because of big budgets (wow, so many B’s in there…). Sometimes a smaller outfit comes along, the ones who are really hungry to make a difference, showing you exactly why you got into this business, to begin with, to create positive change.

Be on the same page.
As creatives who craft brands and experiences every day, it’s easy to forget that the clients you are working with don’t. Take the time to make sure everyone is on the same page along the way, before you move to the next chapter. It makes the ending to your story together so much more rewarding.

Work / Life = Reality.
Learn about the people you’re working with. We discovered a mutual love of the NBA and F1 during the project, and while this may have side-tracked a few conversations, it created a lot of positive vibes which made the adventure together much more enjoyable. Especially when your team wins. Get to know the people you work with. They are humans first. Hopefully.